[Workshops] Knots tied in precious wire

I’ll be heading out on the road in mid-March, traveling from my home
in Florida to the Pacific northwest and back (six weeks), attending
several conventions and teaching a number of workshops along the
way. I’ll have extra tools with me, and my DVDs, and will be happy to
stop to see anyone along my route who is interested. Where time
permits, I’ll be happy to conduct one-on-one workshops, but it would
be great to have more students, as teaching is the most fun I get to
have in public. :slight_smile:

My schedule is not totally carved in stone, but there are some
non-negotiable dates where I am committed as to arrival time and
activities. You can see where I’m going to be and when, if you check
my online schedule page:


I’m keeping tabs on the scheduled workshops, and accepting
registrations, on this page:


Note that anyone who hosts a workshop with attendance of six
students gets their workshop for free, so if you can talk five
friends into joining you, it’s either free for you, or about 1/6th
cheaper for everyone. (Y’all work that out amongst yourselves, I’m
cool with either.) Since I’m driving, schedule changes have to take
into account the distance and time requirements for me to fulfill my
other commitments, of course.