[Workshops] Hand Engraving

Hi all,

After pretty much a year off, and a really rough year towards the
end - I am back working and teaching full-time.

Haven’t quite finished the 2010 schedule - but one of the Basic Hand
Engraving workshops is coming up really quick, Feb. 13-15th - so I’m
posting this now. The rest will be announced in the next day or so
and hopefully up on the websites by Tuesday.

2010 - New series of 3 DAY INTENSIVE WORKSHOPS at SJAS.

The world we live in has changed quite a bit in the past couple of
years. So we have redesigned most of the workshops to fit the current

Two days shorter, much more intensive, and priced at $500. Five of
the weekend workshops incorporate national holidays in order to make
them even more convenient for those who have inflexible work
schedules. (PresidentsDay, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and
Veterans Day.)

Basic Hand Engraving:
Open Studios Workshop:
3 Days - $500 + graver blanks & materials. All other tools furnished.

This is an opportunity to learn ANY single new technique at
intermediate level, or “tune-up” techniques you haven’t quite
mastered. Open to anyone who has been through a basic workshop. You
get to choose what to learn.

8 hours of instruction daily & 3 hours of after hours studio time to
practice Graver blanks and practice materials available

8:00am 5:00pm, 1 hour lunch, then 6:00pm 9:00pm optional after hours

$200 Deposit. Minimum of 3 participants maximum of 6 Dates: Mar. 5 7,
April 9 11, July 9 - 11

There are more to come…

Brian Marshall

Sorry folks, somehow the transmission of got a little
garbled…maybe our rain & wind storms?

Here are the Engraving Workshops again in order: Basic Hand

3 Days - $500 + graver blanks & materials if needed. All other tools
furnished. Dates are Feb. 13 15, May 29 31, Sept. 4 6,Oct. 9 -11,
Nov. 25 27

Open Studios Workshop:

3 Days - $500 + graver blanks & materials if needed. All other tools

This class is unique in that students can choose ANY Intermediate
technique. For example - Inlay, Damascene, Bulino, etc.

Dates are Mar. 5 7, April 9 11, July 9 - 11

Ring Engraving & Stone Setting:

3 Days - $500

This class will specialize in the use of the new “Ring Genie” a tool
designed to cut layout and engraving or setting time by 50% or more.
Dates are April 23 25, more to be announced…

The first question I received was about where we are. The answer is

  • North Central California, Stockton to be exact. About 45 minutes
    from the Sacramento airport, an hour and a half from San Francisco.
    (Depending on traffic) In addition, some of you who are new to the
    forum may have never heard of me. I have been away for a couple of

In short, I have been a metalsmith for 40 years, specializing in
hand engraving. Teaching for 12 years. If you look back through old
posts in the forum, I think some of mine go pretty far back?

Old website works, but is being updated right now
jewelryartschool.com I do hope to be around regularly and
participate once again…

Brian Marshall