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[Workshops] [Florida] Armory Art Center

Hello all,

I would like to announce that this coming January my brother (Thomas
Dailing) and I will be teaching our first workshops together. The
workshops will be hosted at the Armory Art Center in West Palm
Beach, Florida.

My brother Tom won his first designing award in 1992, and recently
had his Nautilus pendant accepted into the Smithsonian Institution’s
Gem Collection. Images of his jewelry have graced the pages of every
national jewelry publication in the United States. You can see
Tom’swork at

My work over the last 30 years has been split between teaching
classes and workshops as well as creating one-of-a-kind engagement
and wedding rings for my clients around the country. I have taught
at the University of Oregon, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point,
University of Portland, Oregon College of Art and Craft as well the
Mendocino Art Center in California, Peters Valley Crafts Center in
New Jersey, Metal Crafting Center in Seattle and the Alaska Metal
Arts Guild. You can see my work at


This 5 day workshop will begin with the practical and aesthetic
issues of designing a piece of jewelry. We’ll discuss creating wax
prototypes and the tools used in carving wax. Students will be
taught how to create their own wax carving tools. We’ll move on to
understanding the burnout and casting process, along with clean up
and proper metal finishing techniques.

This 5 day workshop will be followed up by:


This two day workshop is the perfect conclusion to our Concept to
Completion, or it can be taken by itself. This class will begin by
looking at the historical evolution of gem mining, gem cutting, and
the physical properties of gems that must be taken into
consideration during setting. We will cover the following: channel
setting, bead setting, pave, flush setting and variations of these
using mallet and punch.

Please join us at the Armory Art Center for this exciting pair of
workshops. For further please check out the link below or
contact me at @Jim_Dailing1.