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[Workshops] Blanking Die and Keum-boo

Hi everyone,

There is still space available in the workshops I will be teaching
in September at Wolf Designs, Portland, Maine. Visit Kate’s website for details. The class descriptions are as

Blanking Dies Made Easy

September 21- 22 (Tues- Thurs)

One-piece blanking dies allow you to easily cut out precise
duplicate shapes from silver, gold and other nonferrous sheet metals.
Jayne Redman has been using this method for her own production
jewelry for 10 years and has developed ways of creating dies and
blanking multiples using basic shop tools. In this workshop you will
learn how to design patterns for this process and the methods of
sawing dies from flat stock tool steel. Students will be amazed at
how quickly they can go from original idea to duplicated shapes as
they make and use their own blanking dies during class. We will be
using Susan Kingsley’s book, Hydraulic Die Forming for Jewelers and
Silversmiths, as a reference.

The Keum-boo Process
September 23- 24 (Fri.- Sat); Wolf Designs, Portland, Maine

Keum-boo is a beautiful and cost effective technique used to bond
gold and silver to the surface of jewelry and holloware. In this
workshop, students roll out 24k gold and fine silver and apply it to
three dimensional, flat, and textured metal surfaces. We will
experiment with different metals and patinas to create a variety of
color combinations. Among our discussions will be ways to use the
technique in production as well as one-of-a-kind work, and pattern
development for three dimensional objects.

Best regards,
Jayne Redman