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[Workshop] Yemenite Granulation


Hello Everyone,

I have been watching this Granulation thread and couldn’t help but
announce our Granulation Workshop! I came across an artist at a
mineral show this year and I just loved his work! I had to invite him
to teach at CIJT.

This year we have invited Mr. Yehuda Tassa. Mr. Tassa began to work
in Yemenite Filigree/Granulation at the age of six He was Taught by
his father who was a well known jeweler in Yemen. Later he got his
PhD in aeronautics engineering, after retiring from Lockheed Martin
he decided to “revitalize” this lost art. He has been working and
teaching in the Bay Area since.

We are proud to have Mr. Tassa, as we of all of the artist that come
and teach workshops here at The California Institute of Jewelry
Training. They compliment our staff of dedicated and experienced

I am including our website so you too can see all of the great
jewelry happenings here in sunny California. Hope to see you here!

Gabriel Manzo