Workshop with Orchidian Loren Damewood

I had the privilege and pleasure to take a double workshop from
fellow Orchidian Loren Damewood,, this past week. I
was able to talk our local arts commission into sponsoring it, and
they did a great job promoting it. We learned how to do knotted fine
silver bracelets in the morning, and knotted fine silver rings in
the afternoon. Only one other participant had worked with metals
before at all; most had never done any kind of jewelry or metal work.
Everyone had a great time and learned a lot. I highly recommend
scheduling one of Loren’s workshops in your area!

He is very flexible to work with; we had signed up for only the
bracelet workshop. Everyone finished around lunch time, and Loren
agreed to stay and give the ring workshop for an extra fee for those
who wished to stay, and five of the ten chose to do that. During the
afternoon class the local paper (which has every now and then had an
editor and staff who could spell, write with correct punctuation and
grammar, and compose a story that makes sense) came and took
photographs and interviewed Loren.

The article came out in this week’s issue (weekly paper). The lead
sentence stated that “Artesian Loren Damewood” had come to give a
workshop. I got a big kick out of envisioning Loren with water
pouring out of his head, as some kind of human walking well (artesian
refers to a type of well; artisan is what I think they were looking
for!). In the same issue, on the front page, they talked about an
upcoming 30 hour workshop for guardian ad Litems (their
capitalization) that would be held on Monday from 1-5 p.m. Neat trick
to compress 30 hours into 4…wonder how they do that?? They are
also raising money to purchase Christmas presents “fore”
disadvantaged children ! Lots of entertainment in the current
issue…providing four entries in the Readers Digest jokes! The
final one being a letter to the editor complaining about a local
driver talking on a cell phone, driving with one hand, crossing two
solid lines and breaking into traffic. The culprit? Our local
driver’s education instructor in the marked driver’s education car!

Gotta love small towns (pop. 5,500; county has maybe 20,000 on a
good day).

Happy holidays to all.
Beth in SC


You had me laughing hard! Welcome to our life. Our town isn’t small,
but we seem to have an abundance of hilarity to keep one amused. For
example… Ever hear the joke ‘two guys and a duck walk into a

Well, I ought to introduce you to our oldest 31 year boy. He and a
friend found a duck that would not leave the street, so they picked
it up. It was in the bar district and they didn’t want to see it
hurt. So they went bar-hopping trying to find things the duck liked
(barbecued corn nuts were a hit), keeping patrons from serving it
beer, and leaving when it didn’t like a song (loud noises ensued).
They kept it in their backpack until it seemed ready to go, and they
let it go.

Not sure if the duck is a bar hopper, or maybe it was winged by a
vehicle and only stunned. But now the jokes always start…Two guys
and a duck walk into a bar… :slight_smile:

Also, thank you for the on Loren. I might talk to some
people and agencies and see if they might host a program like that.

Also, is there a list in the files of who teaches and might do
workshops that could be contacted? It would be a good thing to

Thanks again,

Also, is there a list in the files of who teaches and might do
workshops that could be contacted? 

Great idea-- and I definately want to be on it. Now that I am an
empty nester (sort of-- my youngest has come back home temporarily)
I am enjoying traveling to teach. Next year (that I know of) I’m
teaching in Wilmington, Miami, Portland (Oregon), and Philadelphia,
and I would love to do more.

How can we get such a listing started? Hanuman?


How can we get such a listing started? 

Still in development is the Ganoksin ‘workshop central’, which is
for schools to upload their year’s workshop schedules in spreadsheet
form, injecting their entire curriculum into a system that lets you
find a specific workshop or course.

Stay tune


I enjoyed the heck out of being up in Cheraw, and I look forward to
doing that again sometime. Right now I’m trying to get the next
couple of months planned out, and figured I should mention the
progress I’m making here, in case anyone’s interested…

I’ve just posted a tentative schedule on my website, and sent out
reminders to those on my email list. For the text of my message, see
this page:

The schedule and sign up pages:

I’ll probably be on the road for about six weeks, this time – not
the longest trip, but long enough. :slight_smile: