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[Workshop] [WI] Basic-Intermediate Gem-Stone setting

Hi everyone

  • There are now only 2 bench’s available for the “Basic-Intermediate
    Level” of Gem-Stone setting. *This very informative 5-day program for
    a classroom of 8 students will definitely help you to achieve your
    goal of setting.

Why is this so important? It will greatly assist you in creating
newer designs. You will learn how to Flush-Gypsy set, Bezel, 4 &
6-prong setting, Princess Setting
and a newer pattern I’ve just
created…4mm. *Princess stones in a Channel-set wedding-band. *If
you have any problems that you need to be covered, we will in this
class, help you!!! This class will be ‘only one of it’s kind’ to be
taught at this scenic school & in a relaxing atmosphere. Don’t be
intimidated by the complexity of this course, I make every class fun
to be in. *I will demonstrate the need of ‘Bright-Cutting’ for every
setting project…

Sign up now as this class starts August 3rd-7th.*…Contact Andra @
See you there. Gerry!

Gerry Lewy