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[Workshop] [VT] Chasing and repousse

Hi Everyone:

I just wanted to share with you the upcoming North Country Studio
Workshops being held in January
24-29, 2012 in Bennington, VT. Our metals line-up includes:

  • chasing and repousse with Nancy Megan Corwin: Discover techniques
    to embellish your work with layers of textures. Create sculptural
    details in low and high relief. Repouss=e the back of your piece with
    a combination of steel, brass, plastic and wood tools. Chase the
    front with texturing, stamping and undercutting using unique tools
    that refine surfaces with sharper edges. Fabricate your own chasing
    tools and dies for specific forms and textures. Jewelry/metal
    smithing skills and a familiarity with tools and studio equipment are

metal clays & faux bone: a perfect match - with Robert Dancik: Learn
how to integrate exciting new media into jewelry. Metal clays and
faux bone bring both new materials and new ways of working to jewelry
making. Create components from each of these materials, which we will
then, using cold connections, incorporate found objects and ephemera
into sophisticated finished pieces. Previous metal clay experience

If interested get your registration done as these workshops tend to
fill up quickly!

Barbara A. Hopkins