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[Workshop] Using metal clay

Snow Farm; The New England Craft Program announces that Linda
Kaye-Moses will be teaching the following workshop:

Workshop Title: “Remembering Home; Using Metal Clay to Create a
Wearable Recollection” Dates: August 4-7, 2011

In this workshop, we’ll use metal clay to combine the shards, the
parts, the reflections that speak to us of where we’ve been and
where we’ve lived; the many addresses and locations where we rested
our heads and hearts; those locales that resonate even as we might
have moved on. We’ll reach into our memories, to the places we’ve
called home, using the distinctive qualities of metal clay to create
pieces that incorporate elements of those memories.

We’ll use metal clay techniques, hollow forming, hinge-making, dry
construction, textures, and more to bring our memories into wearable
shapes and forms that will remind us of the complex richness of
where we’ve lived. As we work, we’ll draw from our specific
memories, images (photos, slides or digital) of a house or houses
where we’ve lived, addresses, neighborhoods, associations, and
events, all of which will contribute elements to our pieces. We will
work intentionally to create a piece that incorporates and expresses
many of our remembered aspects of home. Time permitting, more than
one piece can be made.

We’ll work with PMC3 exclusively, and, though helpful, experience
with this material or with jewelry making is not a requirement.
Metal clay Beginners are welcome, with the only prerequisite being a
willingness to work enthusiastically. Sufficient metal clay will be
included in the Materials Fee and many tools will be available for
use in the studio.

Kaye-Moses is an award-winning studio jeweler, a Certified Artisan
in PMC, and the author of “Pure Silver Metal Clay Beads” (which is
now available in a paperback edition). She has been teaching the use
of metal clay since 1996, both nationally and internationally, and
her workshops at Snow Farm have become a tradition for students
interested in learning to use metal clay. Her work can be seen at or
at Gallery in the Woods (Brattleboro, VT) or Blue Heron Gallery
(Deer Isle, ME).