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[Workshop] [UK] Chris Nelson Ferrous Musings/Fusings

Chris Nelson will be teaching his five day workshop in the UK for
the first time in August 2015. The class runs from 3rd-7th August and
costs UKP 1175.29 - but it has an early booking discount of 15% until
the end of December, bringing the class cost down to UKP 999. You can
pay a deposit of UKP 100 to book a place and pay the balance by

Ferrous Musings/Fusings is a fast-moving five day intensive workshop
in iron and gold where we will explore the techniques and materials
required to create distinctive ferrous jewellery incorporating three
workshop alloyed golds, and other metals including shibuichi.

Chris Nelson, the instructor, is an internationally recognised
studio metal artist who has explored the use of iron and gold in
great depth and will be sharing all that he has learned in working
these seemingly antagonistic metals.

We will be studying and exploring:-

  • A short introduction to varieties of iron/steel and their

  • Demo of simple tool making (tagane chisels)

  • Hand and machine applied textures with chisels/punches, and hammer
    hand piece

  • Cold forging, cold forming

  • Productive soldering technique

  • Galvanic Salt Water etching process

  • Finishing processes/Patinas

  • Formulating fluxes

  • Alloying/extruding of three productive gold alloys

  • Fusing multiple alloys of gold by hand with a torch

  • Alternative fusing method with mini-kiln

  • A brief demonstration of nunome zougan and inlayed rivets

This is a process/technique driven workshop. The focus is on gaining
knowledge, practice and skills in working with iron and
fusing gold onto iron. We will be creating a ring, a cuff or bangle,
or a pendant as class projects. There will be extensive high
temperature torch work with the fusing process.

Book a place through the website -

Julia Rai