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[Workshop] Tying Knots in Tucson

Hm, that subject could be misconstrued, could it not?

Nonetheless, I will be in Tucson for the gem shows (and for the
Orchid Dinner) and will be conducting at least a couple of days of
workshops there. I have room for a number of students, both beginning
and advanced (returning), to learn my techniques of tying knots in
wire to make jewelry. I should be showing up by February 5th, and may
stay until the following Monday, so I’ll have time for teaching,
shopping, and visiting during most of that week.

Currently, the planned workshops will begin at 3 in the afternoon on
February 6th and 7th, and shouldn’t last past 8:30 or so. I have
expanded my offerings to cover four styles of bracelet, as well as
the rings, and advanced techniques such as linking and merging knots
to form larger patterns.

It’s just one stop on my trip, of course, and I’ll be on the road
from next week (January 10th) through early March, traveling from
the northeast (Boston) to the southwest, and back again, teaching and
showing in various places along the way… please check my website
for my schedule.