[Workshop] Two enameling classes

The Crucible has 2 enameling classes coming up that we believe you
would enjoy. Go to www.thecrucible.org to register. March 14-15,
2009 Small Scale Cloisonne Enameling with Roberta SmithEntry-level
class Combine science with art in the intricate process of Cloisonne

Create your own small cloisonne pieces for jewelry or small artwork
while learning to use the rich, subtle, and distinctive colors of
transparent and opalescent enamels on fine silver. You will be shown
the painterly shading techniques and high-gloss polishing
instruction will be covered. No enameling experience necessary. April
4-5, 2009 Enameled Beads with Rodney Kessler Entry-level classThis
technique uses preformed shapes, tubing and shapes you fabricate from
copper or fine silver. Coating with dry sifted and liquid enamels
develops colors and designs, then enhances with foils, seed beads and
decals for beads that can be components in larger piecesor stand on
there own. Art is wonderfully irrational, exuberantly pointless but
necessary all the same.

Gunter Grass