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[Workshop] Tool Making

Tool Making
A one day intensive workshop

May 9th, 2009* *We accommodate private group scheduling!

Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Instructor: Jay Whaley

Many students have asked for a workshop which shows how to make
steel punches, and stamps for chasing, repousse, and other custom
decorative stamps. We will also custom make gravers with wooden
handles for interested participants. In this workshop, we will be
making metal punches out of old files, square and round steel rod, as
well as graver stock. Different hammer heads will also be modified
to make distinctive finishes on metal.

Metal for stamps (old files, square and round steel rod, etc.) will
be available in the workshop, but students are welcome to bring in
their own steel for punches and stamps, as well as hammers ( ball-
peen, cross peen, riveting hammers, etc.) that they may want to
modify to create custom textures on metal. Who Should Attend
Students, Teachers, Jewelry Makers, Suppliers, Hobbyists Fee The cost
to attend the Tool Making Workshop is $100.00 (plus a small materials

For assistance, call or email Terrie Masters the Workshop Coordinator
at 619.299.9619