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Workshop suggestions

All, Heard any buzz on really great workshops lately? I’d love to
make some suggestions to my guild this weekend. Our membership is
made up of both enthusiastic amateurs and professionals. We’d like
to do a photography workshop (I noticed Charles’ was doing one in
Arizona…hmmm ) so our members could learn to document and archive
their growth in the art. I’d love to find workshops that could draw
in more bench jewelers. I thought a hand engraving workshop would
be nice, if anyone has a suggestion. I’ve been pouring through
websites of schools and found some really intriguing subjects, but
it’s hard to know which of them have really great results or are
very well taught. Here are some of the sites in and around North
Carolina that I know of.

Sawtooth Center <>
John C Campbell Folk School
Penland School of Crafts
Peters Valley Craft Education Center



To add to your list of workshops, check out the site of the Boca
Raton Museum of Art School at We have WSs in
Making Earrings(with glass beads), Beginning Beadstringing, Awesome
Bead Bracelets, Intro to Glass Beadmaking, Creating Wire Beads,
Making Jewelry with Florida Black Coral, Precious Metal Clay, and
many other art subjects.

The school is located in Boca Raton, Fl and the WSs are scheduled
throughout the year. If you cannot obtain sufficient information
on-line, call them at (561) 392-2503. Cheers from Don at The Charles
Belle Studio in SOFL where simple elegance IS fine jewelry!

Hi Larry,

I hesitate to recommend myself, because I’ve never been one of those
"self promoters" - but I guess I gotta start learning to do that -
so here goes…

I am scheduling tentative workshops for the next calendar year in
the coming weeks. If you are interested in a hand engraving workshop
of any kind please contact me off forum with your requirements,
questions, or to get your name on my mailing list.

From ornamental & lettering to specialties like platinum ring
engraving - engraving for use with inlays, damascene, niello, or
champleve enameling techniques…

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts
2207 Lucile Ave.
Stockton, CA 95209
209-477-0550 Workshop/Studio/Classrooms

Hi Larry, I don’t know if you have the funds to bring someone in
from the other side of the country (Washington) but if you do, Andy
Cooperman does an absolutely great bench tricks workshop/demo which I
highly recommend!


Ditto on Andy Cooperman’s workshop. He’s a god! Saved my behind a
couple of times with info from a recent workshop!

Kay Taylor

I have to agree - Andy Cooperman’s workshop on Bench Tricks & Studio
Solutions is amazing. I took it a few weeks ago and have already
incorporated several of his suggestions into my work habits - and
will likely bring in more as the need for them come up.

Amy Johnston

Larry, I took a wonderful workshop on hinges and mechanisms this past
August at CCAC, the instructor was Tom Muir who was an excellent
teacher, very approachable, wonderful sense of humor. He has
developed some very creative solutions to various types of hinges
and catches. I think he will be teaching a similar workshop at
Revere in 2004.

Stephane in sweltering San Francisco