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[Workshop] Some "different" press

June 20 - 24 - 40+ hrs. “Western” Silversmithing - Making and using
dies for conchas, buckles, loops, and tips. Assembly & soldering
tricks leading to finished products ready to engrave. Includes notes
and copper, nickel, and brass practice materials. (There is a
"Western" style hand engraving workshop taught by Alex Sanchez the
following week for those who want to add this skill…)

August 5th - 7 - 24+ hrs. Benchtop Presses - Arbor, Screw, and
Hydraulic presses. Cutting, forming, bending, and shaping small
sheet metal parts. Some basic dies will be made during the workshop,
yours to keep. Includes notes and all materials.

Call or email off forum for more info.

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
Stockton, CA 95209

Whoa !!!

I’m interested in your class on Western Jewelry, June 20 to 24, as
well as the followup (hopefully beginning class) on engraving…

How much for each class?

What tools do I need to bring? I would be Flying from Florida and
the airlines are pretty picky about such.

Someplace nearby to stay? And prices for such?

Would I be flying to Stockton or another nearby city, so I can
immediatrely book a flight?

Will you be working Kirksite? Been curious a long time about making
the molds I see used in various western/Indian reviews. Asked all
kinds of teachers, even Sam Patania who recommended i stick to
repousse’ and/or the hydraulic press.

Thank you,
Tom Stringfellow,
850 SW 60 Ave, Plantation Fl., 33317.

Continue from:

Tom, Normally you don’t HAVE to bring anything … everything is here
and materials are included in the prices of the workshops. You can
bring some hand tools if you wish - but don’t try to bring them in
your carry on luggage! You can also ship them ahead. Engraving
workshops include tools that you take home and the press workshop
will include the dies you make to take home.

The Western Silversmithing workshop is for constructing a buckle,
buckle set, & conchas. Layout, cutting, soldering, and finishing
ready to engrave. We work with copper, brass, and nickel - which is
included in the workshop. If you want to use silver/gold you must
bring it or purchase it here. We will use the hydraulic press to
make some of the parts you will use - and demo the making of the
dies - but we do not actually make the dies in this workshop. June
20 - 24th. Cost is $750 including notes & materials.

The Western Engraving is a basic hand engraving workshop taught this
year by Alex Sanchez, but in the Western style of engraving. We
will engrave the products made in the previous workshop, blanks
that are available here, or pieces that you have already made. We
do it two ways: with push gravers or you can try every make and
model of power assisted engraving tool. June 27 - July 1st. Cost is
$750 including notes and gravers.

The Benchtop press workshop is more general - includes the use of at
least 3 different kinds of presses that will fit neatly on your
benchtop. (Screw, arbor, and hydraulic presses.) However, most of
it (90%) is centered on using the 20 ton hydraulic press and making
simple dies for it. We will make forming, cutting, and compound
simple “pancake” dies. I hope to have time to demonstrate a
Kirksite forming die. We also make some bending jigs (arbor press)
for the loops on the backs of bridle conchas and belt buckles. Aug.
5 - 7th. Cost is $380 including notes & materials.

Email me off forum for directions, places to stay, and other

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
Stockton, CA USA