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[Workshop] Soldering Solutions

Hi All,

I will be teaching a comprehensive three day boot camp intensive on
soldering. This is a class I love to teach, and by allowing me to
take you through all the steps of soldering, you will become a pro.

Day 1: Learn about heat, where to place it and all the different
solders and temperatures from various vendors. We will go through the
paces of stick soldering, pick and chip. You will learn the basics of
butt solder joints, T solder joints, wire to wire, bales to castings,
wire to flat sheet, and interlocked flat sheet. You will learn about
flux, what it can do and can’t and when you have heated too much.
I’ll teach you a trick on annealing that is so easy you will never
have to worry about overheating again.

I will instruct you about all the different gases, their pros and
cons, plus ventilation concerns. We will discuss safety, how a
regulator works and how to operate fuel/oxy without every worrying
again, AND how to operate a fire extinguisher.

Day 2: Sweat soldering finely pierced sterling letters for a key
chain on brass will be the next target. Then jumprings, and
interlocking jumprings, tubing to flat sheet and hollow forms to
highly textured surfaces. This is where I teach you the secrets of
where to place solder and just how much in necessary so extra won’t
flow into the textured parts and make your clean up a breeze.

Day 3: Fusing fine silver, melting spheres and soldering them onto
thin and thick wires for decoration. Silver and gold granulation will
be demonstrated as well as soldering bi-metal and PMC like a pro.
Practice on bezels and bezels to flat sheet. Scoring and bending for
box forms and then learn to solder the seams. If there is time and
you are learning quickly, you can make a little spirit house. I will
demonstrate a simple, “marriage of metal” and the quick tricks that
will make silver into copper or copper into silver look seamless.

You only need a little chip of solder, not a log.

The fear of soldering is only impeded by the lack of setting down a
soldering blueprint for your design. I will teach you how to do this
so you never have to be scared of soldering again. Many of my pieces
take more than 15 solder joints and I will show you how to separate
the tasks and bring it all together into one cohesive piece.

Material fee is about $75 and includes, wire, sheet, solder,
titanium solder pick, compressed charcoal block and solderite board.


School for Jewelry
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
781 891 3855