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[Workshop] Silver metal clay classes

Following is a list of innovative Silver Metal Clay classes
presented by Holly Gage. They highlight some of the signature
techniques she has developed.

Gage’s Negative Space Caning

Negative Space Caning is a high energy workshop focusing on creating
filigree, chambers for enamel or polymer inlay, and patterns easily
duplicated for tessellating designs by combining Metal Clay and a
combustible material that disappears after firing in a kiln. This
exciting new technique developed by Holly Gage is a springboard idea
for looking at and working with Metal Clay in a whole new way. The
class will include a presentation and handouts on the basic cane
making process, what combustible materials are suitable for the
process, as well as simple and advance assembly techniques. You will
also be introduced to how a complex cane is designed and created.
Your finished piece will be of your own design ready for polishing
and a patina at the workshop or inlaid on your own.

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