[Workshop][SF] Hydraulic Press with Cynthia Eid

Hollow Forms, Beads, & Multiples: Silhouette Dies and Blanking Dies
with the Hydraulic Press
3-Day Workshop with Cynthia Eid
May 23-25, 2014

EXPLORE, CREATE, AND INNOVATE, learning how to harness the design
and form possibilities of the hydraulic press. Learn how to make a
blanking die, which cuts multiples of thesame shape. Then, make a
mating silhouette die to form perfectly matching opposites. -great
for pendants, beads, lockets, containers, boxes, bud vases. The two
dies will be aligned so that after metal is formed with the
silhouette die, it can be cut with the blanking die. We’ll look at
how we can use the same die to make multiples, and also to make
different one-of-a-kind pieces, or multiple units/beads for a
bracelet or necklace, or make a series of related pieces, each with
different surface details.

Demonstrations will also include: a simple way to neatly solder
together matching halves so that there is minimal clean-up; how to
know which thickness and hardness of urethane to use; how to use a
form box for deeper forms; and embossing.

We will begin with an overview of hydraulic press basics, safety,
and care. This class is appropriate for students with basic
metalsmithing skills but no experience with the hydraulic press, as
well as experienced jewelers and metalsmiths.