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[Workshop] [Seattle] Working towards creative future

On Sunday, October 16th and Monday the 17th from 9:30am to 5pm at
Seattle Pacific University, we have a two-day seminar with gallerist,
writer, artist and educator Charon Kransen. Charon teaches this
highly successful seminar around the world. This is the explanation
from his workshop that has many of us determined to sign up as soon
as it opens (Sept. 1st through Brown Paper Tickets).

Working Towards a More Creative Future

Charon Kransen will conduct a comprehensive seminar on how to find
your own identity as a jewelry artist. He will focus on how to
develop a cohesive, unique vision and style rather than tailoring
your work to a preconceived idea of what the commercial market
demands. He will also teach ways to continue building your skills in
order to increase your success and realize your goals. On a practical
level, this master class includes a detailed overview of the jewelry
industry. Designers will learn how galleries are run and how they
select work. Kransen will also lead discussions on how to cultivate
relationships in this field, from making the initial contact to
effective communication and problem solving techniques. By the end
of this two-day workshop designers will have gained a full
understanding of what it takes to work with galleries, clients, and
dealers in a professional capacity.

The price for two days is $215 for members and $265 for non-members.
If you join the Guild with this workshop you will be enrolled as a
member through 2012. Go to