[Workshop] Pulse Arc Welding with James Binnion

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Pulse Arc Welding with James Binnion
April 22-23
$450 +$100 kit

Pulse arc welders are a new class of tool, recently available for
jewelers. Effective on gold, platinum, silver, stainless steel and
titanium, they allow jewelers to make a small ?spot weld? that will
permanently join two pieces of metal together while the work remains
cool enough to be held in the hand. Pulse arc welders, like the PUK
2, can do many of the same jobs that laser welders do at 1/10 the
price. Students will learn to use this tool for fabrication and
repair work including ring sizing, attaching findings and repairing
clasps and chains. Students can order a PUK 2 at a special price and
have itdelivered to class. Learn to use your PUK 2 before you take it
home. Open to all levels.

James Binnion is a metalsmith and scientist. He has devoted himself
to mastering mokume gane as well as practical and theoretical
understanding of metallurgy. James has his studio in Bellingham,
Washington where he produces original mokume gane designs. See
mokume-gane.com.Mr Binnion will also teach Mokume Gane, April 17-21.

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