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[Workshop] Plique a Jour Enameling - New Methodology

Florida Society of Goldsmiths
Modern Masters Workshop at Wildacres, North Carolina

Patsy Croft - Plique A Jour Enameling With A New Methodology

You will have the opportunity to change the way artists think of
Pliqu a Jour. This advanced enameling technique is made easier
through a new methodology. With new and old materials we can
simplify the technique and also allow you to create an enamel
’jewel’ in any shape. This will not only add to your design
opportunities but also lower your cost. You will explore the
advantages and disadvantages of Klyre Fire, Foils, Wet Felt and the
new possibilities in designs they can bring you. We will also cover
stone setting stone prior to enameling which will result in less
worry of cracking your enameled piece. So bring your ideas and let’s
explore. Pictures and more descriptions are available on our
website… under the link marked “student list”.

OCTOBER 26 beginning with dinner NOVEMBER 1, 2009 ending with
breakfast. Classes on Oct. 27 Oct. 31st, 2009. All workshops are 5day
class. The workshop fee is $900. This fee covers: Tuition for 5 days
of classes; Lodging for 6 nights; 17 Meals; Gratuities; as well as
membership in FSG. Material & Lab fees are additional and include the
specialized materials and other consumable materials required for the
projects. Questions may be emailed to Jean Marie DeSpiegler

Jean Marie DeSpiegler
Executive Director,
Florida Society of Goldsmiths