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Workshop Place Idea Needed

Hi All,

Florida Society of Goldsmiths is looking for a venue to have several
Metalsmithing classes happen at the same time. We are primarily
considering the South East for the general area to hold this event.
We are looking for a campus situation where there will be food
service available on campus or food service a very short distance
away. The duration of the workshop is to be held during 5 classroom
days with people checking in the night before the event and leaving
the morning after the event finishes. Metals studios are a real must;
clean up of those studios planned as part of the event on the last
afternoon of classes. Housing is of course an important part of the
mix, but a nearby motel with enough rooms could also fill the bill.
We are planning for this type of event in July or August in 2008. Any
input would be greatly appreciated. Maybe you have attended a great
workshop someplace that would meet our criteria and would love to
share that

Thanks for all the great ideas.
Beth Katz
Unique Solutions Inc

Beth - have you checked out Wildacres, NC? Their web site is

This is a beautiful place up in the NC mountains, with lodging, all
meals, metalsmith and stone cutting spaces, meeting and class room
space, outdoor amphitheater, etc. Really lovely and special, and
incredibly affordable! They tend to rebook the same folks year after
year, so I have no idea of their availability, but it is worth

I don’t really know their facilities right now, but Meredith College
in Raleigh, NC might be an option. They have had (and may still have)
a great jeweler as head of the Art Department, so I expect they now
have metals studios (unfortunately they didn’t years ago when I
attended…ah well…such is life!). They certainly have housing
and a cafeteria; also plenty of motels and restaurants nearby.

NC State University in Raleigh has a wonderful crafts center;

They offer jewelry classes - I have no idea what their facilities
are. They do contract during the summer for various groups to use
dormitory space, have dining options, and classroom space. My
daughter used to go to several camps there put on by outside groups
using their facilities. The only question would be if they have the
metals space you need.

Hope this is of some help, and good luck.

Beth in SC (who grew up in NC, which is why I know that better )

Florida Society of Goldsmiths is looking for a venue to have
several Metalsmithing classes happen at the same time. 

I assume you considered Wild Acres?
Looking for teachers?


Aloha, Beth,

Yes, there is a place Aloha Acres available in Estell Manor NJ., To
artist only!!! 20 minutes away from the ocean and resting on Wildlife
6 acres of property, available are House, various Workshop areas. Let
us know if you are interested it is lovely.

You may call 609-265-1750 or email us back!

Nancy & George Rodriguez

Aloha! Noel,

I assume you considered Wild Acres?
Looking for teachers?

Yes, we purchased this property to honor the creative artist. So, you
are welcomed to come visit us or stay in touch till you can. Aloha
Acres is a very tranquil place to create. I know I to am an Educator
and Jewelry designer. There is True inspiration here.


Hi Noel,

Great to hear from you!

Yes, FSG uses Wildacres for several events. I have been to Wildacres
about 8 times. Love it there. I have addressed this on forum. As far
as teachers for Mountain Metalsmithing. This is a Fundraiser to help
us pay the bills. We ask for donation of the instructors time. We
pay transportation, food and lodging. Let me know if you are
interested and what classes you would like to teach. We have had
Mountain Metalsmithing (MM) two times in the past, 2006 and 2004.
These were held at William Holland. The classrooms are a little
small for what we have in mind which is why I am looking for another
venue to hold the event.