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[Workshop] Pewter boxes and the textural element

John Michael Route is teaching a class on pewter at the Peninsula Art
Center July 21-23. I mention this because I’m signed up to take it,
but if they don’t get at least one more student signed up, it will
not run. I haven’t taken a class with Jack, but years ago he came to
speak and demo in Evanston for my jewelry group, and I’ve been
wanting to actually try it ever since. Pewter is easy to work (I
remember it gets softer, not harder, as you work it!) and fun to
texture. I’ve always liked what he does with it, too. I can tell you
he’s a nice, easy-going guy, and Door County is beautiful, as is the
Art Center itself. Here’s a link:

By the way, the class just below his-- the casting class with Fred
Woell-- has been replaced by a different type of casting class taught
by me, because Fred is recovering from a stroke. We’ll be doing what
I call quick-and-dirty casting, which is to say, sand, cuttlefish,
broom, water, etc. So come on up, take the class, hand out with me–
a win-win all 'round!


Door County is beautiful 

This is absolutely the understatement of the year! I had a blast
over the last two years driving my daughter around much of the
middle/north/ south of the US to look at colleges, and she looked at
two in Wisconsin. We got to spend a day (far too short a time!)
driving around Door County, and I was hooked! Lovely countryside,
great art and lots of it. Great summer vacation site!

Beth in SC who wishes she could take the class