[Workshop] [NY] Setting class

Dear All

If you want to learn, or upgrade your setting skills from a diamond
setters viewpoint, read on! It will be in your best interest to
attend this ‘4-day session’ it is being held at the “92/Y” in New
York City, January 21-24/14.

In this setting program, you will learn & have loads of bench-time &
getting acquainted with Gypsy/Flush setting, Princess, Bezel
setting, Channel settings. You will even learn on how to set a 6mm
stones in 4-claw & 6-claw Engagement rings.

You think you know how to use a Triangular #4-cut file? Let this
setter show how it can be used in creating something to that being
near ‘creative & artistic’.

No more reasons to use your ‘glue’ on simple oval-bezel settings,
(as read on recent Orchid postings). On a bezel frame, do you know
what side of the stone you must tighten first? This technique won’t
have the stone turn in the bezel. How about setting Flush mountings
and hardly using a file to “clean up your act”? He will use a very
smooth-faced hammer to do all of the gentle cleaning. All you need to
do is to pumice-clean & then polish the ring.

He will show how you how to “Bright-Cut” the inside wall of the
Gypsy & Bezel mountings, very artistic in this process. He will show
how to modify your Onglette, Graver #2 only for Bright-Cutting these
rings? This instructor will give you over 50 pages of essays to keep
at your side. Registration is now ‘open’.

You have so much to gain in dealing with Diamond & Gem stone

You’ll be happy you took this class, trust me!
Gerry Lewy

Dear All

This is exactly what I’m here for, to help others. This is the
epitome of a learning environment. This is one of the greatest
schools in NYC and very honoured to be teaching there.


Gerry Lewy