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[Workshop] [NM] Rio Grande's 2015 Winter Workshop

Rio’s Winter Workshop series of classes kicks off January 25th in
Albuquerque, New Mexico, and we’re offering more than 20 classes
over the course of a week! From beginner metalsmiths to seasoned
jewelers, there really is something for everyone at the Workshops
this year. I wanted to call out a couple of classes that I think
Ganoksin members might find most interesting.

We’ll be holding three welding classes during the Workshops: Pulse
Arc Welding with PUK Welders, Arc Welding with the Orion Welder and
Laser Welding Made Simple. The two arc welding classes will be
taught by our in-house expert, Sessin Durgham, along with
representatives from each company. The laser welder class will be
taught by our laser welding expert, Phil Scott. This is a great
opportunity to get hands-on experience with different types
ofwelders, compare and contrast the benefits of each, talk to the
manufacturers, and learn from jewelers who are experts with the

We are also thrilled to have master enamalist Ricky Frank at the
Workshopsteaching a series of three enameling classes: Enamel
Cabochons, Cloisonne Enameling and Enameling Fold-Forms.

We’ll also have a series of three hydraulic press classes that are
perfect for those new to the technology. Start out with the
Beginning Hydraulic Forming class for an introduction to working
with a press. Then follow it up with Jayne Redman’s class on Making
Multiples with Blanking Dies and the Intermediate Hydraulic Forming
class. By the time you leave, you’ll have a comprehensive knowledge
base to start working with the press. And anyone who needs to
produce multiple shapes in metal quickly should consider taking
Jayne’s class on making multiples. She’s developed her own method
for quickly producing multiples that will cut huge amounts of time
out of your process.

And there’s so much more than the classes going on. The Winter
Workshops are a great opportunity to make connections with fellow
jewelers, meet some of the top instructors and jewelers in the
industry, and check out new tooldemos. Not mention that we’ll have
free shuttles to and from Rio and select hotels, tours of our
facility, and lunch for students all week long! We’d love to see you
in sunny Albuquerque this winter. Here’s the full listof classes for
anyone interested.

Mark Nelson
Event/ Education Coordinator
Rio Grande - A Berkshire Hathaway Company