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[Workshop] [NE] Metal Clay

Metal Clay; Making A Narrative Pendant

Linda Kaye-Moses will be teaching her annual weeklong workshop at
Snow Farm; The New England Craft Program in the Fall this year.

Course Title: Metal Clay; Making A Narrative Pendant Day/Dates of
Workshop: Sunday-Saturday, 15-21 September 2013

Course Description: Metal clay can be a great ‘Storyteller’. We’ll
use this quality, and metal clay’s ability to retain dimension and
texture, to create pendant(s) that reflect the stories we have to
tell. We’ll translate memories of our meaningful life experiences
into a pendant to remind us of the richness of where we’ve been,
where we are, and, perhaps, where we hope to be.

The techniques to be demonstrated and used include mold-forming,
hollow forming, hinge-making, dry construction, textures, extruding,
etching, granulation, and more (time permitting). We’ll also explore
a range of finishing techniques for completing our pendants.

We’ll work exclusively with PMC3,forming a piece of work that is
precious and durable.

This will be a skills-based, not a project-based class. Though
helpful, experience with this material or with jewelry making is not
a requirement, though helpful.

Contact through Snow Farm at