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[Workshop] [NC] Orion Pulse Arc Welder workshop

Orion Pulse Arc Welder workshop at the Mountain Metalsmiths School of
Jewelry and Lapidary

Attention Jewelers, Dental Lab Techs, Opticians and Precision
Welders! Upcoming Orion Pulse Arc Tig Welder Workshop to be held
Sept. 12-13

Have you ever wished you could do any of the following tasks?

-Find a laser dressed in gift wrap in your shop. Right…
-Rebuild a channel or setting for a ring.
-Retip a prong setting.
-Repair hollowware, reattach spouts or decorative handles on antique
tea services.
-Repair broken titanium eyeglass frames.
-Build dental bridges, weld together anchors.
-Fill cracks and pits in pewter ware
-Fix broken costume jewelry.
-Size a ring with a stone set in place.
-Mend a heat sink in a 28 gauge thick fine silver bezel with a stone
in place.
-Build a unique basket setting for a faceted stone.
-Spot weld components in place before constructing an intricate
-Fabricate designs without the use of solder. Why not mix your metals
without worrying about solder seams.
-Create cells for enameled jewelry
-Repair chains that are too delicate for soldering.
-Attach findings to jewelry designs without solder.
-Pick a metal to play with. Silver, copper, titanium, gold, platinum,
palladium, steel…well, the list goes on.

These are just some of the possibilities that will be explored
September 12 -13 at the Mountain Metalsmiths School of Jewelry &
Lapidary, just south of Asheville, NC. Workshop hours will be from 10
am to 5:30 pm each day with a lunch break to give you more time to
absorb all that you experienced in class. You will have the option to
try out different welder models for various applications. Argon gas
will be supplied, please bring your headache projects and the
appropriate material to use as filler wire. Laser wire is welcomed,
but you can utilize wire up to 20 gauge in diameter. Have fun and
work magic as well! Limited space is available- there are only 4
slots left in the workshop. If you want to reserve a space, go to click on the Registration Page,
download and fill it out. Send it back with a deposit check of only
$25 made out to MMSJL and your space will be saved, with
confirmation. For more info, call the school #: 828-687-7830