[Workshop] Mold Making and Casting for Production

Hi All,

I’m teaching my yearly 3 day course at Metalwerx In model making,
moldmaking, casting and finishing from february 24th to february
26th… The course was created for jewelry people, designers and
students who want to understand the Lost wax casting process better
so they can design or modify their designs for production purposes.

This is important for those of you who want to out-source your
designs to a good casting/ finishing company and it is also helpful
to those who wish to cast their own items. People who are
transitioning from hand made jewelry to having their items cast will
benefit greatly. If you don’t plan on casting yourself, this is an
important course to take as this will explain the process and what to
watch out for when you deal with casting companies as well as what
questions you should ask.

Some of the things we will discuss are as follows.

We will look at models that are brought in by the students,analyze
the model for production purposes, suggest changes to make the model
easier to produce if neccessary. This is a good start to finding out
what you can and can’t do in production, so definitely bring your
models and ideas.

Models will not be made in class.

After our initial discussion on models and how to design models for
ease of production, we will then mold some of the models that have
been brought in.

The students will have the oportunity to make a few molds each with
supervision and help. Then we will proceed to the wax injection
process which will also cover some rubber mold venting techniques to
help the molds fill better.

After injecting waxes, we will “tree up the waxes” produced, Invest
the treed waxes and on the last day cast a few flasks using the waxes
we made in class. The waxes will be cast in Deox sterling. We will be
using a torch to cast with. The silver will be supplied by the
instructor and will be sold at cost at the end of the course.

We will remove sprues, use a magnetic pinpolisher to brighten the
castings and go over various other finishing techniques that may be

To find out course costs, material costs and to sign up for the
class,you need to contact Metalwerx at
http://www.metalwerx.com/workshop/67 or call 781-891-3854

Hope to see you in class,

Daniel Grandi
CEO RaceCar Jewelry Co. Inc.
52 Glen Rd.
Cranston, RI. 02920
Tel: 401-461-7803