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[Workshop] Modern masters workshop

Modern Masters Workshop
October 17 - October 23, 2011
wildacres, north carolina

Phil Renato - Polymer Chain Reactions (Firm & Flexible Plastics for

Bill Seeley - Anodizing the Reactive Metals

Phil Renato - Polymer Chain Reactions

This workshop concentrates on exploring firm and flexible materials
to create high integrity contemporary jewelry. We will be casting,
carving, and fabricating; exploiting the color, translucency,
volume, and other customizable characteristics of plastic that would
be unlikely to succeed in metal, glass, or clay. We will be designing
our way out of problems of weight, surface, and scale; working to
transcend the material’s reputation and leverage the potential of
this vast material category.

The workshop will concentrate on the use of translucent polyurethane
resins as a material. A variety of formulations will be used, as well
as a number of different types of additives that affect the look and
quality of the cured material. Silicone rubber will also be used
extensively, primarily as a mold material.

Bill Seeley - Anodizing the Reactive Metals

These classes will explore the attributes of the reactive metals
titanium and niobium. Our work will center on the surface
embellishment of niobium. This ductile and easily manipulated metal
is highly anodizable. Working from color charts developed in class to
highly textured and colored samples the class will progress through a
series of demonstrations and Power Point presentations.

Coverage will include: safety, anodizing, masking, selective
removal, and graphics. The history and development of the instructor
and Reactive Metals Studio is presented in slides along with the work
of a broad range of artists. The participants will be encouraged to
produce materials for later use in finished jewelry. The metals kit
will provide a range of sheet and wire products for exploration.
Anodizers, masking supplies and other materials will be provided.