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[Workshop] [MO] Knotted wire jewelry

I will be traveling from Florida to Kansas City, MO, to attend the
first of several conventions this summer. In response to a request
from someone in Little Rock, AR, I have determined that the weekend
of July 14/15 would be a fine opportunity to stop there and teach

Right now I only have a few students, and could easily accommodate
the workshops in my motel room, but as more folks sign up it would be
far better to have a venue with some space. It isn’t necessary to
have a jewelry studio, since my techniques are very portable and
adaptable, so anywhere with enough room to let the students move
freely without bumping into one another is fine. Garage, large living
room or kitchen, an open porch if the weather is clement, etc.

Details of my workshops are here:

You can email me, or sign up on this page:

I like to have small groups, between six and ten students. No prior
experience is required, all tools and materials (pure silver wire)
are provided, and students take away actual jewelry that will amaze
and impress their friends, tools, and mad knot-tying skills.