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[Workshop] [MI] Hydraulic press A to Z

Hydraulic Press—From A to Z
5-Day Workshop taught by Cynthia Eid

September 6-10, 2011
Genevieve Flynn Studio
Kansas City, Missouri

This is an extensive workshop with a lot of demonstrations, work
time, and one-on-one teaching in a small group. Learn how to use
Bonny Doon tools for the hydraulic press, as well as how to make your
own tools to explore the design and form possibilities that the
hydraulic press offers. The workshop begins with hydraulic press
safety and care. Then, learn about how to take advantage of the
various thicknesses and durometers of urethane for effective
embossing and forming. Make and use your own embossing and silhouette
dies. Try out the newest Bonny Doon embossing and silhouette-die
tools. Become skilled in using the anticlastic and synclastic
forming tool sets, the “freeform” forming system, as well as
contained urethane blocks. Use the press to deep draw flat 3" discs
into small vessels or a seamless ring-size tube.

Demonstrations will alternate with time for hands-on
experimentation. For each demonstration, the instructor will show
samples of variations. The workshop is process-oriented, rather than
project-based. Participants are free to work on whatever they wish,
though they are encouraged to try each technique after the
demonstration. Power point presentations will be offered, showing how
the press and the tools work, finished jewelry and hollowware made in
the hydraulic press, and Cynthia Eid’s metalworks. With both group
demonstrations and individual attention during hands-on work-time,
this workshop is appropriate for people with basic metalsmithing
skills, as well as professional jewelers and metalsmiths.