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[Workshop] Metals Week at Idyllwild CA


Metals Week at Idyllwild, CA
June 27 - July1, 2010

Metals Week at Idyllwild is an amazing experience of growth and
learning. Five full days of learning, sharing, communing and being
inspired. This is an opportunity not to miss!!!

Four of our six classes still have room for more students:

Resin Inlay with a focus on Flex Shaft and Fabrication
Instructor: Karen Christians

Saltwater Etching and Etching Stainless Plates for Roller Printing
Instructor: Deb Jemmott

Instructor: Val Link

Trapping Found Objects and Cold Connections
Instructor: Joanna Gollberg

Class size is limited to 12 students to allow for maximum
interaction among participants and with the instructors. The metals
studios are equipped with torches and large equipment as needed for
the classes. A comprehensive list of items students will need to
bring will be sent upon registration.

If you are currently sitting on the fence trying to decide if you
should go or not, NOW IS THE TIME !!! Talk to anyone who has gone and
they will tell you that the experience will alter your jewelry making
career in ways you never even imagined.

For more a full catalog of the summer program can be
seen at

If you have questions or need more email Deb Jemmott


Hi All,

Just saying hi from the beautiful mountain woods here at Idyllwild
where I am teaching a five day class in resin inlay. I am honored to
be here with Deb Jemmott, Val Link, Pauline Warg, Jonna Golberg and
Fred Zweig. This is an amazing group of metal knowledge at a
wonderful site way up in the mountains of California.

It is thrilling to be associated with such a fine bunch of faculty
and students and to exchange great tips and techniques with so many.
If you ever have a chance to take a workshop up here, I highly
recommend it. Put it on your calendar for next summer.

Metals Week is a week long program with five faculty teaching
different workshops at once. We have basic tools and a few tables,
and from this we have successfully transformed each room into a
viable classroom. I haven’t felt this kind of synergy in making
something out of nothing and group problem solving in ages and I’m
honored to be here.

The collective metals brainpower that is stored in each of this
faculty is tremendous. To associate with all these people, here, at
once has been nothing short of mind blowing in sharing resources and
technical knowledge. The work that is coming out the students is

Thank you Rio Grande for donating tools and thank you Idyllwild for
this incredible week of shared energy. I’m having a blast.

Karen Christians


Hi All,

Interesting note on the Metals Week at Idyllwild. Instead of having
one workshop teacher at a time for several weeks or weekend, we were
five instructors gathered together for only one week. As a teacher,
I’ve never experienced this art before and enjoyed it immensely. It’s
not often you get five faculty who all have different experiences,
teaching methods, problem solving knowledge and reasons to do what
they do accessible to everybody.

In a way this was great, because I certainly don’t claim to have all
the answers in fabricating. However, due to the combined group of
talent, fabrication questions could be directed to other experts in
their field. The students learned and I learned.

Usually I’m the only one teaching the metals component with other
media. This is quite a different and unique approach and one that is
building steam. Deb Jemmot is a force (in a good way) who has her
eagle eye over all of us. Certainly some streaming lining is taking
place as the years progress, but honestly, I think she has something
quite exciting going on here.

Karen Christians


This is sounds very similar to Jack daSilva’s MAKER annual
seminar/workshop. The “little red school house”.