[Workshop] Metal textures workshop in Mendocino, CA

I will be teaching texturing methods in metal at Mendocino Art
Center June 21-25, 2010. The techniques will include reticulation,
keum-boo, casting with organic materials, embossing, texturing with
ordinary rotary tools, sugaring, overlay, including the best and
easiest method of sweat soldering you’ll ever learn.

There are 4 places left. If you’ve never been to the Mendocino Art
Center, it is a lovely artist retreat on the coast of northern
California. The Mendocino Art Center is a non-profit organization
that promotes the education of artists by encouraging full immersion
in their art, and in the company of other artists. It’s a perfect
way to spend a working vacation, and it comes with redwood forests,
sandy beaches, headlands, lots of lovely flowers and picturesque
scenes (just in case you paint too), and fabulous gourmet fare after
a hard day’s work.

You can find additional at the Mendocino Art Center dot
org in the summer jewelry workshop programs: