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[Workshop] Metal Clay with Linda Kaye-Moses

Linda Kaye-Moses will be teaching the following two workshops:

Instructor Bio: Linda Kaye-Moses has been working full-time as a
studio jeweler since 1978. Kaye-Moses uses a multitude of techniques
including metal clay, engraving, stamping, embossing to demonstrate
the latent connection between her various media including sterling
silver, 14k gold and organic materials. Her work has been
exhibited nationally in galleries and at juried craft shows,
including the Smithsonian, ACC Craft Fairs and The Paradise City Arts
Festivals. She has received two Massachusetts Arts Lottery Council
Grants, three Massachusetts Cultural Council Professional Development
Grants and a Niche Award. Her work has also been published in
numerous books and major periodicals and she is the author of “Pure
Silver Metal Clay Beads” a workshop style book containing original
projects for making silver beads from metal clay.

First Workshop: Course Title: Drawing on the Past with Metal Clay; a
collaborative workshop with The Berkshire Museum

Location: IS 183; Art School of the Berkshires
13 Willard Hill Road
Stockbridge, MA 01262

Dates: June 10-12, 2011

Course Description: This unique class combines the use of metal clay
and an exploration of antiquities in the collection of the Berkshire
Museum, with the goal of producing a jewelry objet(s) based on that

We’ll begin this three-day class on Friday with an in-depth visit to
the gallery of ancient art at the The Berkshire Museum. In addition,
this visit will include a private tour of pieces that are not
currently on exhibit in the gallery. We’ll spend the day
investigating, drawing and/or digitally photographing the design
elements in the collection that appeal to us. After visiting the
museum, and a break for lunch, we’ll head out to the studio at IS183
to begin to incorporate some of those elements into metal clay
jewelry objets.

All our photographs will be immediately transferred to a computer
and printed out for our use in the studio, for the purpose of
creating our own interpretations of these artifacts… our own
contemporary relics. Friday will be a full day, perhaps even
including evening hours to get a head start on making your piece(s).

We will be using metal clay (PMC3 exclusively), and utilizing its
user-friendly quality to create our pieces. Because metal clay is
such an easy material to use, this class is open to all skill
levels. Even if you have no experience with metal clay, this class
can serve as an introduction to the material and the many ways it
can be used. The only real prerequisite is a willing and creative
enthusiasm. There will be extensive individual attention paid to
each student and to each object being made.

Many tools will be available in the studio for your use, in addition
to those that you may be asked to bring yourself (a full list will
be furnished when you register for the class) and there is a
materials fee that will cover the metal clay and other consumables
required for the class.

Contact Information:
IS 183; Art School of the Berkshires

Second Workshop Remembering Home; Using Metal Clay to Create a
Wearable Recollection

Location: Snow Farm; The New England Craft Program 5 Clary Road
Williamsburg, MA 01096 August 4-7, 2011 In this workshop, we’ll use
metal clay to combine the shards, the parts, the reflections that
speak to us of where we’ve been and where we’ve lived; the many
addresses and locations where we rested our heads and hearts; those
locales that resonate even as we might have moved on. We’ll reach
into our memories, to the places we’ve called home, using the
distinctive qualities of metal clay to create pieces that
incorporate elements of those memories.

We’ll use metal clay techniques, hollow forming, hinge-making, dry
construction, textures, and more to bring our memories into wearable
shapes and forms that will remind us of the complex richness of
where we’ve lived. As we work, we’ll draw from our specific
memories, images (photos, slides or digital) of a house or houses
where we’ve lived, addresses, neighborhoods, associations, and
events, all of which will contribute elements to our pieces. We will
work intentionally to create a piece that incorporates and expresses
many of our remembered aspects of home. Time permitting, more than
one piece can be made.

We’ll work with PMC3 exclusively, and, though helpful, experience
with this material or with jewelry making is not a requirement.
Metal clay Beginners are welcome, with the only prerequisite being a
willingness to work enthusiastically. Sufficient metal clay will be
included in the Materials Fee and many tools will be available for
use in the studio. Some extra metal clay and tools will be available
for purchase.

Contact Information
Snow Farm; The New England Craft Program