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[Workshop] MasterValuer Jewelry Appraisal

MasterValuer Jewelry Appraisal workshop in Chicago next week, July
11, 12 and 13 at the Jewelry Building. Call or email for details.
Presenters include Richard Drucker and Nancy Stacy.

@Dee_Rouse_Huth or 800-731-1122.

A point that I’d like to make regarding posts like this: Many of
us,particularly those with appraisal certifications of one sort or
another would perhaps love to attend this type of conference ,but
less than 14 days notice makes air travel exorbitant if not arranged
for before then. Four Days seems a bit short notice if you would,or
anyone would like to offer or potentially increase
attendance, registration,etc. Please let us know more than three
weeks before any event anyone is privy to that may interest the
entire Orchid community,or parts thereof…

Thnak you.