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[Workshop] Making The Most of Your Flex Shaft

Hi All,

I am teaching a two day workshop on the Flex Shaft on March 15 - 16
at Metalwerx.

Making the Most of Your Flex Shaft

Mystified about all those burs and bits in your supply catalog?
Learn what they do and how to use them correctly.

In this workshop we will learn all about what makes a flex-shaft
run, the different accessories available as well as choices for hand
pieces. Learn to polish to perfection, drill pearls, score and bend
metal, cut perfect bezels before soldering, and set tube settings in
60 seconds. You’ll also learn tricks and techniques to make your
jewelry sparkle.

A flex-shaft is a powerful tool in your arsenal of jewelry making.
We will look at motors, assembly, and teach maintenance to care for
your equipment so it lasts a lifetime. Signed Copies of Karen’s book
"Making the Most of Your Flex-shaft" will be available for purchase
during the class.

To learn more:

Wow, Karen your course looks really useful. It’s a shame I live in
the UK. I’m just glad you’ve written your book - which incidentally
is next on my list of books to buy.


I have to say that having taken the 1/2 day version of this workshop
at the MJSA show, it was terrifically worthwhile. In just that
amount of time, I gained a much better understanding of this valuable
tool, how to use it, and how to maintain it (a process that had
intimidated me previously). I would have no problem enthusiastically
recommending this workshop!

Karen Goeller