[Workshop] [Maine] Ferrous musings and fusings

I am very pleased to have Chris Nelson coming to Jayne Redman Studio
to teach his wonderful workshop Ferrous Musings/Fusings - Gold on
Steel. The workshop will be held October 30 - November3.

In this 5-day intensive workshop in gold and iron students will be
cold forging and forming, hydraulic press forming, and
synclastic/anticlastic forming. Texturing with the Galvanic Salt
Water Etching process, hammer handpieces and japanese chisels will
be taught as well as fusing multiple alloys of gold on iron by hand
using a Meco Midget and Hoke torch as well as a mini kiln.

Chris Nelson is an nationally/internationally recognized studio
metal artist who has explored the use of iron and gold in great depth
using traditional japanese metalsmithing techniques in a contemporay
manner. He will be coming to us from a month long workshop with Ford
Hallam, master of classical japanese metalwork. Chris will be
sharing all that he has learned in working in iron and gold -
seemingly antagonistic metals but with properties allowing for a
wonderful marriage of color and form.

See the listing on my website, http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep80ku
for more

Best wishes,
Jayne Redman