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[Workshop] [MA] Studio Logic

I’m opening up my studio on April 11 for a field trip/workshop
through Metalwerx called, "Studio lay out their studios. Some topics
covered include safety concerns such as ventilation and dust
collection, tips for storage solutions, tool rust prevention, and
the opportunity to check out pulse arc welding on my PUK. I recently
contributed a Trick of the Trade in Metalwerx’s March e-mail
newsletter too: [PDF file]

More info. is available on Metalwerx’s Web site:

Best regards,

Jeff Herman

Oooooo! I sure wish I lived closer so I could go. However yall would
have to put me through a metal detector upon leaving and shake me
down for missing tools.

-Jo Haemer

Wish I could make it, Jeffrey! Sounds like fun.

I am most likely going to be fitting up a tiny bench in an RV in the
next couple months. So I’m interested in anyone’s discoveries for
"small but mighty" substitutes for larger tools (like my little
Foredom polishing arbor-- I sold my huge old-fashioned (and
admittedly powerful) polishing motor).


That sounds like fun, Noel. Have you seen the book “Legacy, Jewelry
Techniques of West Africa”?

It nicely shows how few tools are strictly needed to make some very
satisfying jewelry. I think the key when traveling is to stick to
certain favorite techniques, and not expect to do every and all
things possible in a large shop. I traveled, when much younger, with
all my tools in a large hard-sided briefcase. It was fun. Your
little motor will be nicer for polishing than the electric drill I
carried then. Have a great time!

Mlou Brubaker