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[Workshop] [MA] Microfolding and Fusing Argentium

Instructor: Cynthia Eid
Metalwerx, Waltham, MA
August 3-7, Wed-Sun, 2011

Microfolding (corrugation) offers endless possibilities for
creativity through texturing and forming, resulting in light but
strong forms. Microfolding makes thin metal stronger. When fold
forming techniques are combined with corrugated metal, the metal is

This workshop will present demonstrations that alternate between
approaches for working with Argentium Silver (AS) and microfolding
techniques. Students will learn to fuse wires and granules to sheet,
as well as to the microfolded Argentium Silver forms. Soldering AS
will also be demonstrated, so that earring posts and other findings
can be attached to microfolded AS pieces.

Participants will have the opportunity to make both samples and
finished jewelry in microfolded AS and/or copper during the workshop,
or they may choose to focus more on fusing and granulation with AS.
Cynthia will also demonstrate the techniques and textural
possibilities of manipulating microfolded metal with pliers, fingers,
rolling mills, the corrugation compressor, hammers, and hydraulic

Students will have the opportunity to practice and experiment with
copper and AS. After making samples, there will be time to design and
create finished jewelery. If you’d like to see more of Cynthia’s
work, please visit her website

Argentium Sterling Silver is a new sterling silver alloy that does
not firescale, is highly tarnish resistant, fuses and granulates
beautifully, and can be hardened at kitchen oven temperatures.
Annealing, soldering, fusing, hardening, and finishing will be
demonstrated. Cynthia Eid has over ten years experience working with
this alloy, and authored a technical guide to Argentium Sterling
published by Society of North American Goldsmiths in 2005, as well as
a guide offered by Rio Grande to customers, and an article in Art
Jewelry magazine.

This course is aimed at jewelers, silversmiths and imaginative,
innovative metal artists. Basic jewellery making knowledge is
essential to gain maximum benefit from this course.