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[Workshop] [MA] Making chasing tools

Hi all,

I am giving a workshop on making chasing tools in Massachusetts this
summer, July 27, 2011 - July 28. There are lots of places in the
class still open. It is a special opportunity, and I will teach you
tools from different cultures and approaches, that is
unique, and not found anywhere else. And of course, as in all my
teaching, we will range into other areas, and cool It
takes less than ten minutes to make a chasing tool, and that is what
you will take away, how easy and swift it is to get what you want.

Here is the description:

This workshop is about making your own chasing tools. All the tool
types are addressed in depth, including: forming, planishing, lining,
veining, gadrooning, matting, side/set down, pearl punches, stamp
making, chain and pattern tools.

In addition, there will be an introduction to European and Asian
chisel work. Cloth area inlay on steel is demonstrated. Steel theory
is covered as are the ins and outs of hardening and tempering. Hammer
design, alteration options and use, as well as pitch making are also

Students will go home with a number of custom chasing tools for
their own collections. There will be discussion and demonstration on
using various tools, but students will not be chasing much
themselves. The focus of this workshop is on creating customized
tools that will help achieve a wide variety of surfaces, textures,
patterns, and shapes.

registration info at: