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[Workshop] Lost-Wax Casting

A number of persons were interested in the lost-wax casting course I
proposed to teach at Wildacres Retreat in October. I am submitting
additional details below:

Basic Lost-wax Casting
October 3-7, 2005
Wildacres Retreat
Little Switzerland, North Carolina

This is not a wax-design course. The course is designed to teach the
basic techniques for lost-wax jewelry casting. Starting with a
commercial wax model, the student will learn the proper methods for
repairing wax models, attaching sprues, investing, burnout, casting,
and final finishing of a piece of jewelry. Emphasis will be on
learning why certain steps are performed as well as the alternative
methods that may be employed to produce quality castings.

This course is intended to enable a student to make intelligent
decisions if he/she should deADsire to set up casting facilities
after returning home. Approaches from simple methods with home-made
equipment to the more expensive professional equipment will be
discussed. Steam casting, vacuum casting and centrifugal casting
will all be demonstrated and the student will have the opportunity
to experiment with some or all the techniques. In addition to using
hand tools, elementary mass-finishing techniques using rotary and
vibrating tumblers will be demonstrated and employed in the course.

Course Prerequisites: None required, although some jewelry-making
experience will be helpful. You will be expected to use hand tools
such as a jeweler’s saw, hand files and sand paper to clean up and
finish your castings.

Class Maximum: 8 Students.

Short Instructor Bio:
Fred Sias is a retired Clemson University Professor of Electrical
Engineering. He has worked with most lapidary techniques including
faceting, gold and silver smithing, channel work, opal cutting, and
lost-wax casting. He has taught lost-wax casting at Wildacres for
both the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies
and the Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies, and at the
William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Georgia.

For more contact Fred Sias at @Fred_Sias

Here is the latest from Wildacres Retreat where the Lost-Wax Casting
course will be taught October 3-7: Space has become available to add
two days (Oct 8-9) for only $30 for room and board. I will adjust the
lost-wax workshop schedule to meet the needs of those who attend.
With the extra two days it will be possble to eliminate or reduce the
evening class time so that we can attend some of the other
entertainment. Read the announcement below:

100 Residencies
October 3 through 7

$200 for four nights lodging and 11 meals

or now there’s a new option ! Stay the Weekend Too

October 3 through 9-Six nights lodging and 17 meals- $230

and there may be some spaces just for the weekend. Contact us if you
want to come Oct. 7-9.

Enjoy the fall beauty of Wildacres while working on your own
project. Writers, artists, potters, musicians, jewelry makers,
others with something to accomplish.

We intend to have readings, entertainment, and sharing in the
evenings, but no formal programming (see exceptions below) during
the days. Each person attending should come prepared to work on
their own projects. We ask that people do not come just to vacation!!!

A Lost wax casting class will be taught by Fred Sias

Dottie Morgan will head up a group of singers for an informal
program. Hiking, Nature studies will be coordinated with the
Wildacres staff We’ll find someone to oversee the pottery and a
possible firing Other
possibilities-Astronomy-Blacksmithing-Photography- Printing -African

Send you check to Wildacres PO Box 280 Little Switzerland, NC 28749
with your address, e-mail address, what you will be working on, and
roommate preference.

We would prefer that everyone has a roommate, but we may have some
single rooms available. Please state that you would like a single,
and we will contact you if they are available.

When we receive your registration we will contact you with further
details. Thanks