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[Workshop] Korean style damascene


Hi All:

I’ve got a workshop coming up at Jay Whaley Studio down in San
Diego, on August 8th. I’m going to be explaining and demonstrating
Korean style damascene, with a few twists. Damascene is a technique
that allows you to get a mechanical bond between gold foils and
harder metal surfaces. We all know about Kum-Boo, but that only works
with silver and 24K, because it’s a fusion weld. Damascene is like
velcro, and lets you put 18K red next to 18K green, on blue titanium.
It opens up a much wider palette of color potential than the more
common methods. The workshop will cover the mechanics of actually
making the precious metal foils, making the cutting chisels, and
doing the damascene overlay onto titanium.

In support of that, (and after a suitable bribe of chocolate
brownies), I’m doing a chat with Jay in his weekly blogtalk radio
show. So if you’ve ever wondered what the ‘Voice of Alberic’ sounds
like, tune into between 3 and 3:30
pacific time, next Thursday, (7/23). We’ll be talking about the
mechanics of the damascene process, and the care and feeding of
oddball metals like titanium, and how to handle them in a
traditional jewelry studio.

I hope this chat will provide some new It should be
entertaining too. (Knowing me, and my theories about metallic
personality disorder…)

Brian Meek.