[Workshop] Knotted Jewelry

My workshop schedule is on my website, but I thought I’d mention
plans here, in case anyone is interested.

Next month, November, I will be teaching two workshops, Prolong Knot
Bracelets on the 21st, Turk’s Head Rings on the 22nd, in
Richlandtown, Pennsylvania. No minimum number of students, but a
maximum of 12 for each class.

Returning students will be presented with advanced materials to
build on their previous experience and learn new applications.

In January of 2007 I will be traveling up to Boston, and there is a
potential for workshops on the way up, in Hampton Roads, VA (working
on that), and there will be workshops in Littleton, MA, January 11th
(Prolong Knots) and 15th (Turk’s Heads). On my way home from Boston I
intend to stop in Surfside Beach, SC, probably the weekend of the
21st and 22nd, same workshops.

In March, I will be starting an epic journey across the continent,
with workshops in the following locations (and probably within a few
days of the dates in parentheses):

Memphis, TN (March 21?)
Little Rock, AR, (March 26- or 27-28)
Dallas/Forth Worth, TX (March 31 - April 3)
Tucson, AZ (April 5-6)
Yuma, AZ (April 7-8)
Van Nuys, CA (April 12-15)
Castro Valley, CA (April 17-18)
Sacramento, CA (maybe - need host)
Woodinville, WA (April 21-22)
San Juan Island, WA (April 24-25)

This is as far as I’ve planned; I do have to eventually make it back
home to Florida, so perhaps I’ll be going through Boise, Denver, and
Albuquerque on my way back, among other possibilities. Dates may
shift around, especially if I add new locations. Schedule will be
locked in by mid-January, out of consideration for my hosts’
convenience, but I intend to leave enough slack in the schedule to
allow stops and side trips along the way, in case anyone wants to do
lunch or hang out.

I have scheduling updates, and registration available on
my website, on this page:

Maximum class size is twelve students, except where noted. I provide
all tools and materials – students arrive empty handed, and leave
with wearable jewelry, ready to show off, and the wherewithal and
knowledge to make more.


I’ve had several inquiries so far from folks in Denver and
Albuquerque, but no offers to host workshops there. I do very
low-tech processes, so all it really takes is enough space for each
student to pace back and forth about six feet or so without bumping
into anyone else. I’ve actually taught students outside, using a
handy tree for a secure anchor. :slight_smile:

If there are at least six students, the host pays nothing, and if
the workshop has the maximum twelve students, two tuitions are free.