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[Workshop] Knotted Jewelry, beginning and advanced

I have a number of openings for students in upcoming workshops.
Returning students will be offered advanced challenges, building on
their previous experiences.

The following list contains both confirmed dates and stops and
suggested stops. If I get enough folks interested in having me teach
in a particular area, I may adjust times forward or back to make
things work, in consultation with hosts and students.

January 15-16 – Littleton, Massachusetts – Evening sessions.
January 28-29 – Little Rock, Arkansas (possible)
January 30-31 – Houston, Texas
February 2-3 – Corpus Christi, Texas (possible)
February 5-10 – Tucson, Arizona
February 12-15 – Oceanside, California
Feburary 16-18 – Van Nuys, California
February 20-? – Castro Valley, California
February 25-? – Folsom, California
March 8-9 – San Antonio, Texas

Please check my schedule on this page:

I have a registration form on this page:

(Signing up just tells me you’re interested, it doesn’t obligate you
to show up.)