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[Workshop] Keum-boo at Revere


Don’t Miss this Great Opportunity!

My Keum-boo class at the Revere Academy has been full for over a
month and we just got a cancellation today. Be the first to sign up
and you can join us for this fun and exciting class!

9 am - 5 pm on Sunday, October 8th

$165 + $50 kit.

Learn this awesome Korean surface technique in just one short day.
Guided by an expert, you will watch each step in the procedure of
bonding pure gold to silver surfaces, resulting in dramatically rich
colors and beautiful textural possibilities. In Keum-boo, gold is
generally applied over silver, offering a whole palette of effects
to explore, as well as enhancing the perceived value of the jewelry.
Prerequisite: Fabrication 1. 7 hours

Check our web site for other classes with availability.

Hope to see you in class!

Christine Dhein
Assistant Director

Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
760 Market Street, Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94102
phone: 415-391-4179
fax: 415-391-7570