[Workshop] Jewelry Retailing in a Low Performance World

“High Performance Jewelry Retailing in a Low Performance World!”
Two-day seminar for jewelry owners featuring Harry J. Friedman, David
Geller and RMSA - September 21-22 - Las Vegas Los Angeles - Jewelry
retailers looking for solutions to some of the most challenging
issues facing their stores in these tough economic times, will find
answers at a two-day seminar for jewelry store owners only,
presented by The Friedman Group, retail’s largest consulting and
training organization.

The September 21-22 Las Vegas event, “High Performance Jewelry
Retailing in a Low Performance World”, features straight-to-the
point answers from some of retail’s foremost experts. Presenting will
be international retail sales and management authority Harry J.
Friedman, David Geller, founder of JewelerProfit and creator of
“Geller’s Blue Book” for jewelry repair and custom design, plus Ken
Bankson and David Downard of RMSA, the country’s leading inventory
control and cash flow management organization for the past 50 years.

“We’ve had requests for an event like this from independent jewelers
around the country for years, and have put together a program that
will provide them with a wealth of they can use right now
to strengthen the core of their business foundation and generate more
jewelry sales,” said Harry J. Friedman.

His keynote presentation, World Class Jewelry Retailing, will
present an overview of the high performance sales and management
systems he’s developed and proven in hundreds of small independent
jewelry stores, as well as in major chains like Cartier, H. Stern,
Tourneau and Swatch. Retailers will learn the latest discoveries in
the area of store (Page 1 of 2)

management: the key performance indicators to watch that generate
more sales; how to correctly establish sales goals; how to handle a
salesperson’s variation and deviation from best practices; coaching
that turns average salespeople into high performance professionals,
and more. Plus they’ll discover updated sales techniques that show
how to quickly assess customers and engage them in conversations that
result in more sales; how to establish a reason to shop in your store
versus the competition; how to routinely add-on, close the sale and
build loyal, life-long customers.

David Geller’s presentation on the Five Reasons for Financial
Distress in a Jewelry Store will offer solutions to the mistakes many
jewelers make in the way they run their business, including not
charging enough for your shop work, having more inventory than you
can sell in a year, having merchandise with the wrong price points
for this economy, not having enough store traffic, and not turning
enough of those shoppers coming in - into buyers.

And finally, Ken Bankson and David Downard of RMSA will address Your
Inventory Heart. They’ll show jewelers the right way to do cash and
inventory planning, with specific techniques for improving inventory
turnover, cash flow, revenue growth and gross margin.

The seminar will be held at The Friedman Center for Sales &
Management in Henderson (Las Vegas), NV and space is limited. For
and to reserve seats for your executive team call
800-351-8040, or go to www.TheFriedmanGroup.com.

David S. Geller