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[Workshop] Jamie Bennett: Painting Enameling

Jamie Bennett: Painting Enameling
Fine Painting Techniques with Enamel

CoMA welcomes Jamie Bennett to Colorado to present a three day
enameling workshop to be held at Metro State College in Denver from
July 13-15, 2009. This workshop will explore various methods and
processes in the Limoges technique of enameling. Painting enameling
is a process where the finely ground enamel or overglaze is applied
by brush or pen to the prepared enamel surface. Each student will
work on an enamel element or panel using this technique. The use of
various oils and binders will also be discussed. Jamie is regarded
as one of the country’s premier contemporary enamellists, and he has
developed a number of unconventional combinations of techniques. His
recently published Edge of the Sublime: Enamels by Jamie Bennett has
been a resounding success, as has his retrospective exhibition by the
same name which is currently traveling to venues across the country.
A professor of art at the State University of New York at New Paltz,
Jamie is a skilled teacher and we are honored to have him share his
knowledge. This is a great opportunity for CoMA members to learn
enameling techniques from a master. Cost for the three day workshop
is $400 for members: $450 for non-members. Please send registration
inquiries to: [comaforum1 at comcast dot net]