[Workshop] Integrating Stone with Metal

Hi, We have had a couple of cancelations at the last minute. We now
have two spaces left for Michaels class this weekend. Class is Friday
through Sunday. Details follow.

Michael is one of the most innovative and creative Goldsmith/Stone
Cutters working today. He is know for his
assemblages/laminating/layering of stones and his marvelous and
innovative cold connections in stone and metal. Class will consist
of a slide presentation, some classroom time, but mostly learning how
to grind, drill, cut and otherwise manipulate stones. Check out his
work at http://www.michaelboyd.com/ or just google Michael Boyd to
see more of his work and read some of his articles. He has written
articles for Lapidary Journal and many other jewelry magazines. This
is one class not to be missed if you have any interest in creatively
using stones in jewelry.

Class is 3 days, June 9, 10, 11. Cost is $300.00 plus $25.00
materials fee unless you want to bring your own silver and stones.

Michael will be exploring and teaching laminating/stacking stones,
drilling and cutting of stones for jewelry, making and fastenings
stones together with rivets. He will also cover cold connections with
stone and metal, or (how to put together what you’ve made).

Large equipment will be supplied, Grinders, Polishers, Rolling Mill,
Vises, Anvils, etc. Bring basic hand tools for fabrication, saws,
files, pliers, hammers, ring mandrel, sanding sticks, and any other
favorite tools.

Michael will provide some stones to practice on and will have others
for sale to anyone interested. Michael will also provide tubing for
making rivets.

$25.00 Materials cost will get you enough silver and stones to play
with, or bring your own. 24 gauge sheet for bezels, 18-22 gauge
sheet for bases of projects, or bring ready made bezel wire, or
whatever you’re used to using.

More questions email me, info@ScavezzeGoldsmith.com We accept checks,
Money Orders, and all the major credit cards.

Thanks, Jerry Scavezze