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[Workshop] [Hawaii] Hand Engraving

Samples of the new series of Hand Engraving Workshops:

Basic Hand Engraving

Stockton Studios Mar. 25-28, May 26-30, June 23-27, July 28-Aug.
15 Days - 40 hours, $800
HAWAII Apr. 21-25
5 days - 40 hours, $950

Contact John Flynn at to reserve space.

These are the basic hand engraving techniques used by arms
engravers, jewelry engravers, silver engravers, musical instrument
engravers, print engravers, and enamelists. Graver blanks are
provided, and you will learn to sharpen these. 4 basic cuts are made
with these - including the wriggle, script or “V”, round bottom cut,
and flat bright cut. These basic cuts are then assembled into
scrolls, leaves, letters, and textures. Practice is normally done on
soft metal practice plates, steel is also available. Final projects
Ch= oose from keychain, pendant, or bookmark. Includes graver blanks,
practice plates, one final project, printed set of notes, design
transfer kit, and sample patterns of the class projects for future
use. (Email for details and optional tool list.)

Intermediate Hand Engraving
Stockton Studios Oct. 27-31
5 Days - 40 hours, $850
HAWAII April 28 May 2
5 Days - 40 hours, $1050

Contact John Flynn at to reserve space.

4 scroll styles, background removal, fine silver and copper wire &
sheet inlay into steel. Inlay gravers will be made. Other inlay
tools furnished. You will also need gravers similar to those used in
the basic workshop. “Trick” tools will be demonstrated. Practice is
done on steel plates. Final projects Choose from steel buckle, floor
plate, or letter opener. Includes inlay tools, silver & copper wire,
practice plates, one final project, printed set of notes, design
transfer kit, and sample patterns of the class projects for future
use. (Some experience required, must bring your gravers, materials
optional, Email for details & tool list) At first glance education
may look expensive… time off from life and work to attend, plus
transportation, lodging, tuition, etc. However, these workshops have
been carefully thought out and designed to save you more than they
cost. You will save months of time struggling with techniques. You
will learn to do it correctly, safely, with fewer mistakes, and less
chance of developing bad habits. You will learn shortcuts, tricks,
and procedures that have taken 40 years to gather and distill.

You will be able to make educated and economical decisions about the
tools and materials you choose to purchase and work with. We do not
sell tools here, we simply teach. Properly used, modern tools can
shorten your learning curve by up to 70%!

What you actually DO with your own hands in a live learning
environment is far more valuable than just watching or reading about
it. This kind of an education is an investment in yourself - whether
your goal is relax at a ho= bby, take the hobby to the next level, or
add to your skills as a professional metalsmith. If you are traveling
a long distance, and airport security is a problem, you really don’t
need to bring anything. Everything can be furnished here. If you do
choose to bring some small favorite tools (magnification, scribes,
dividers, burnisher, pens, etc.) you’ll probably want to put them in
checked baggage. I advise you to clearly label and inventory all
items and place them in clear zip lock bags along with your contact
cell pho= ne number, and our address & as
well. Shipping is another option. You can ship your tools here, or
send the projects and tools you make in class back home. (Email for a
complete tool list, recommended brands, and sources)

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
Stockton, CA USA