[Workshop] Hand Engraving

BASIC HAND ENGRAVING Aug. 27 31 - 5 Days 40+ hours, $750. Two spaces
left limited to 6 students total.

These are the basic hand engraving techniques used by arms engravers,
jewelry engravers, silver engravers, musical instrument engravers,
print en gravers, and enamelists. Graver blanks are provided, and you
will learn to sharpen these. 5 basic cuts are made with these -
including the wriggle, script or “V”, multiple line, round bottom
cut, and flat bright cut. These basic cuts are then assembled into
scrolls, leaves, letters, and textures. Practice is normally done on
softer metal practice plates, but steel is also available.

All graver blanks, practice materials, & notes included. (Email for
details and optional tool list)

INTERMEDIATE HAND ENGRAVING Sept. 24 - 28 - 5 Days 40+ hours, $750 +
optional materials. 2 spaces left limited to 6 students total. 4
scroll styles demonstrated, background removal/sculpting, wire &
sheet inlay into steel. Inlay gravers will be made. Other inlay tools
furnished. You will also need gravers similar to those used in the
basic workshop. “Trick” tools will be demonstrated. Practice is done
on steel plates. All graver blanks, practice materials, and notes
included. (Some experience required, optional gold/silver materials,
Email for details & tool list)

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
Stockton, CA USA